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How To Stop Your Dog From Barking

How To Stop Your Dog From Barking. Ah, the fur babies. They are the only way to get a piece of heaven with you on earth without having to worry about turning blind from all the brightness. However, they do come with their own problems. From toileting wherever they feel should be a signpost of […]

Top 5 Indestructible Dog Toys For 2020

Top 5 Indestructible Dog Toys For 2020. Well, the little tyke that you used to love when they follow you around is now growing up at an incredible rate. From the little cute thing that could lightly munch on your toes with a surprising therapeutic effect. To one who forgot they’re no longer small and […]

Stop Walking Your Aggressive Dog In Public

Why You Shouldn’t Walk Your Aggressive Dog Art_man/Adobe Stock Yes, this is a very strong statement, but allow me to explain why you shouldn’t walk your aggressive dog in public. As a professional dog trainer, who works mostly with reactive dogs, there’s a reason for this strong position. Of course, it’s a free country and […]

How To Start Volunteering For Dog Rescue Groups

Becoming a Dog Rescue Volunteer Okssi/Adobe Stock Everyone wants to help a dog in need, but many are not sure of how to get involved or even where to start. Take it from a fellow dog lover and dog rescue volunteer: All dog rescue groups need manpower. Yes, donations to rescue groups are wonderful, but […]