Teaching a Puppy to Listen in Public

Teaching a puppy to listen in public takes time. It also takes training, patience, and reinforcement. Rogan is slated to be a service dog when he grows up. If you’ve ever seen a service dog working with his parter, you may have remarked “He’s so calm!” Or “”Nothing fazes him.” That’s because from puppyhood, that […]

Good Reads

For the most part, the articles in WDJ contain information that you can go right out and put into practice – training tips, food-selection suggestions, product reviews, and practical things that you can do improve your dog’s health. While we do have a couple of those in this issue, we also seem to have collected […]

Pain’s Effect on Behavior

Behavior problems such as anxiety or aggression are commonly diagnosed in pet dogs, and, as many dog owners have discovered, can be quite challenging to fully resolve. Daniel Mills, FRCVS, a veterinary researcher and behaviorist at the University of Lincoln (England), suggests that a large portion of behavior problems are exacerbated or caused by physical […]

Wildlife Protection Dogs

We don’t usually think of dogs as the best friends of elephants, whales, hedgehogs, Chinese Moon Bears, bandicoots, or white-footed voles, but their incredible noses make a difference in the lives of these and other endangered species. Dogs are increasingly being put to work as valuable tools to both protect endangered species and combat invasive […]

Busch Is Offering A 3-Month Supply Of Beer To People That Foster A Dog During COVID-19 Crisis

While the COVID-19 pandemic is spreading around the globe, many of us are holed up in our houses with no real idea of when we’ll be able to get resume life as normal. Given that so many people are at home, there has been a push from many shelters and rescues to help them out […]

New York City Is Running Out Of Dogs To Foster

Day in and day out, there have been plenty of shortages due to the current pandemic. Mostly, we’ve heard about the toilet paper and hand sanitizer shortages – ones that have been immortalized in various memes. However, coming out of the New York City area is a different kind of shortage – one that we’d […]

Shelter Puppies Were Given A Private Tour Of The Georgia Aquarium

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, the Georgia Aquarium has been forced to close its doors to the public. However, not the whole entire public, since there were some very special VIP guests that got to enjoy the aquarium while it was fully shut down. And those guests were puppies! Since no human visitors are […]

Flight Attendant Makes It Her Mission To Reunite Soldiers With Their Retired Service Dogs

Being a good person can take on many different forms. For one flight attendant, Molli Oliver, being a good person has taken on the context of making it her life mission to reunite dogs with the soldiers who love them. The California-based flight attendant, who has more than 40 years working in the field, and […]