Planning for a Brighter Future: International Trips You Can Take With Your Dog!

While the current spread of COVID-19 doesn’t allow for much international travel, there’s nothing stopping you from thinking about the next trip you’ll take with your pup — even if it is WAY in the future. Here, we outline how to take your pup on an international trip, as well as some ideal dog-friendly destination suggestions.  […]

Announcement: Dog Training Nation Joins ABC

I’ve got some amazing news! Dog Training Nation will be joining forces with Animal Behavior College. Animal Behavior College offers certifications in the pet services industry. They have programs in dog training, veterinary assisting, pet grooming and cat training. A lot of my subscribers have been asking for more pet grooming and veterinary care content […]

High Tech Dog Toys To Keep Your Dog’s Brain Busy

Dog Gadgets to Entertain Your Dog frank1crayon/Adobe Stock As a professional dog trainer, I’m always scanning the dog world for new mental enrichment ideas for dogs, especially when dogs are left alone all day. Thankfully, technology is advancing and now new gadgets and apps are being created for dogs as well. Food stuffed toys and […]

Stop Walking Your Aggressive Dog In Public

Why You Shouldn’t Walk Your Aggressive Dog Art_man/Adobe Stock Yes, this is a very strong statement, but allow me to explain why you shouldn’t walk your aggressive dog in public. As a professional dog trainer, who works mostly with reactive dogs, there’s a reason for this strong position. Of course, it’s a free country and […]

How To Start Volunteering For Dog Rescue Groups

Becoming a Dog Rescue Volunteer Okssi/Adobe Stock Everyone wants to help a dog in need, but many are not sure of how to get involved or even where to start. Take it from a fellow dog lover and dog rescue volunteer: All dog rescue groups need manpower. Yes, donations to rescue groups are wonderful, but […]

The Meaning Behind Those Yellow Ribbons On Dogs

The Yellow Dog Project Africa Studio/Adobe Stock Walking reactive or anxious dogs in public is challenging, especially when strangers and dogs walk over to greet your dog. It’s best not to walk fearful dogs around triggers that scare them because it will only make it worse. Sometimes, avoiding scary triggers is impossible during potty walks […]

Should You Get Littermates?

Should you get littermates? I don’t usually get this question. Normally, I hear “Help, we got littermates!” That comes after the littermates are already home and the people are feeling understandably overwhelmed. Most dog trainers, if asked, would say “No way, don’t do it! Never get littermates.” Meanwhile, most dog owners say “We got littermates because…”: […]

Meet the New Service Puppies in Training

Time to dust off the blog! We have news! Puppies! We have puppies! Service puppies in training! Good lord, they are exhausting, but jeez louise could they be any cuter? Whit and Dougan are our latest service puppies in training. I picked them up a little over two weeks ago and they have taken over […]