Blue Dog Breeds – 20 Beautiful Blue Breeds That You’ll Love

Blue dog breeds have a dilute version of a black coat. These dogs can be pretty unusual, as it takes two recessive genes to create this coat color. But, there are lots of breeds that have blue colored fur. Some have solid coats, and others have blue amongst other colors! Blue colored dogs can have […]

Dog Ate Chocolate – Recognising Symptoms And What To Do Next

My dog ate chocolate – is she going to be OK? Symptoms of chocolate poisoning in dogs include anxiety, heavy panting, and a fast heart rate. The most dangerous ingredients for dogs in chocolate are theobromine and caffeine. These can both be fatal at high enough levels. If your dog ate chocolate, call your vet […]

Cream Dogs – Discover 15 Lovely Breeds In Subtle Shades

Cream dogs are rather unusual. The AKC recognises 195 dog breeds on their registry, and a further 70 breeds in their Foundation Stock Service. And yet surprisingly few of these canines come in cream. So if you’re looking for a dog whose shed fur blends perfectly with your carpet, let us help you narrow down […]

Pet Boarding and Doggy Daycares Offering Free Services to First Responders During COVID-19 Crisis

Destination Pet locations throughout the US have launched an initiative offering free pet boarding and daycare to first responders, hospital workers, Army Corps of Engineers, and mobilized National Guard. “In this time of need, we can help the two-legged heroes by caring for their four-legged best friends. We are honored to serve and support those who […]

Has Fido Caught Your Coronavirus Anxiety? Here’s What to Do About It.

By Gerrard Larriett You’re obsessed with the news. You’re not sleeping. Instead, you’ve binge-watched the first three seasons of Game of Thrones in one sitting. Your spouse (who’s working from home) is getting on your last nerve. To top it all off, your dog weirdly paces non-stop and just peed on the living room rug. […]

Busch Offering Free Beer Incentive to Foster or Adopt During COVID-19 Crisis

As the global COVID-19 pandemic continues to grow, forcing shelters to close their doors to the public for the foreseeable future and causing rescue organizations to cancel crucial adoption and fundraising events, more people than ever before are stepping up to foster and adopt dogs in need. Still, with millions of pets in shelters and […]

The 2020 Kosher for Passover Dog Food List

Because dogs are family members, sharing our homes and mealtimes, joining us in celebrations, and because Jews cannot be in possession of certain grains during Passover, we’ve compiled this list of Passover-approved dog foods that are highly recommended for quality, healthfulness, and taste. Historically, only grain-free foods were recommended for Passover feeding. However, with recent […]